Sunday, 7 June 2015

Second Meeting of our blog

DATE: 18 MAY 2015

Members present for the meeting:

  • Priya Pai
  • Shilpa Gaikwad
  • Raveena Kankonkar
  • Vishal P.G
  • Akshay Manjrekar

Members absent for the meeting:


Agenda for the meeting:

  • To discuss about our previous blog posts. 
  • To make corrections if necessary. 
  • To discuss about the next posts to be uploaded.
  • Conclusion of the blog. 

Minutes of the Meeting:

  • The members of the blog reported on time for the meeting.
  • Based on the topic "My Goa", we discussed analysed the previous posts. 
  • We posted our remaining blogs and concluded the blog.


Priya Pai

(Blog Administrator)

DATE:- 18 May, 2014

PLACE: S.S. Dempo College, Altinho, Panaji - Goa 

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