Sunday, 7 June 2015

Heritage Homes of St. Cruz

St. Cruz has a large number of some important architectural landmarks reminescent of the Portuguese style such as the Dempo House,the Dias House, the Pinto House, the Kenkre house and the magnificient Nachinolkar house.

The Kenkre House

The Dempo House

The Dias House

A characteristic of this style is the existence of large frontal balconies with 'moulded' seats either made up of stone or brickwork, where people could seat comfortably at the end of the day and chat away the events of the day with all family members. However, nowadays, majority of the buildings constructed are just high rise and 'box' type flats but these still have their modern balconies made up of concrete.

In my next post, I shall share more details on St. Cruz. Till then... Thank You.

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